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Can I drop off my child?

No. My Village is not designed as, equipped, or licensed to be a daycare. Children must be accompanied by a legal guardian, empowered caretaker, or parent at all times.

What is your sick policy?

If you or your child is showing any symptoms of illness (e.g., fever, cough, clear or colored runny nose, rashes, or diarrhea) we ask that you refrain from attending until you've been symptom free for 24 hours. We realize that this is a somewhat stricter policy than many children's activities, but we feel that all will benefit from it. We hope that parents will take comfort knowing there is a lower chance of their child getting sick from coming to My Village then various other children's activities. We do our very best to be generous with offering makeups and/or refunds when possible in order to encourage parents to respect the policy. If you're unsure if you should bring your child to group or not, feel free to call or text.

What happens if I miss a Playgroup class?

Illnesses and other stuff happens! We understand! If you have to miss a class we allow up to two makeups per 10 week session. You can makeup by attending one of the other age group's Playgroups. Makeups must be arranged ahead of time so we don't have too many children ending up in one class. We work hard to ensure makeups are possible to encourage adherence to our sick policy.

What should I wear? 

Adults are required to wear socks in My Village. There will be a few clean pairs on hand in case you forget. Mobile babies and children are required to be barefoot or wear grippy socks for safety. Wear comfy clothes you can feel comfortable sitting on the floor in (we provide floor cushions and low wooden stools for adults). Dress your children in clothing they can easily crawl and climb in and that you don't mind getting messy and a change of clothes. (Just in case we feel like painting  or get wet from some water play!) 

Can Siblings Come to Playgroup? 

Siblings are welcome but any additional sibling between the ages of 3 months and 6 years must also be enrolled in the Playgroup. Ask about sibling discounts, or a one-time drop in fee for a sibling.

Can someone else bring my child to Playgroup other than me?

Yes of course! We welcome moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, aunties, whoever is caring for your child. 

Can another adult come with us to Playgroup?

If you'd ever like to bring an extra adult to class (e.g., grandma wants to come along, too) just email ahead of time to confirm. Since we are a small space it can get crowded with lots of bodies! We will just make sure everyone else isn't also bringing grandma that day, too!

Do you do payment plans for the Playgroups?

Yes payment plans can be arranged. Just send an email to and we can come up with something that works for you.

Do I have to follow a particular parenting style in order to come to My Village?

No.  However, you will find that My Village is definitely a more "naturally minded" or "gentle parenting" community. The environment is non-toxic, media and battery-operated toy free. If you are familiar with alternative educational or parenting philosophies you may notice the physical space is very influenced by Waldorf/Steiner education. My personal parenting inspiration comes from here and there (a little RIE, a little Waldorf, a little Attachment, a little Behavior Analytic). When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth I support education so parents may feel empowered to make informed choices based on evidence based information. I support conscious, empathic, present, and mindful parenting. I do what rings true for me as I parent my unique daughter. I encourage other parents to follow their hearts as well. The parenting "advice" that might be offered up during playgroups is always offered as more of "menu" of suggestions to try, rather than a "list" of things you must do. I encourage respectful and non-judgmental discussion and sharing of different parenting views and practices. All viewpoints will be respected. 

What's the parking situation?

My Village is located in the Santiago Street Lofts caddy corner from the Santa Ana Train Station. There are visitor parking spots just inside the driveway entrance on Poinsettia Street. There are several more visitor spots inside the driveway entrance off of Civic Center. Additional parking is located along Poinsettia Street. (Please pay attention to the signs - there is street sweeping on Mondays and Tuesdays and the City of Santa Ana does ticket!) If you're unable to find parking along Poinsettia, there is a plethora of additional parking at the Santa Ana Train Station, you'll just have to cross Santa Ana Blvd. to get to us. My Village faces the inside courtyard with the benches. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by the parking. 

Can I bring a stroller?

Unfortunately due to our small space we have no room for strollers. We recommend you carry or baby wear your baby or toddler.  If you are finding you need to park at the Train Station and feel uncomfortable crossing the major street with a small child, do what feels safe and bring your stroller. We will work out a place to stash it in these circumstances! 


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