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A gentle place to play ...

My Village offers a play space utilizing open-ended, natural and non-toxic materials. We support handmade, sustainable, and eco-friendly play materials and furnishings whenever possible. The space is also cleaned with non-toxic cleaning products. If we wouldn't use it in our home we wouldn't use it here. 

The toys you will find in My Village are chosen to be purposely simple and "open-ended." This means that a single object can be played with in a variety of ways, supporting more imaginative and creative thinking. A curved board can be a bridge, a road, a slide, or a doll cradle. 

Toys that are too detailed or fixed in their function tend to only be played with in one way. We stay away from toys that are meant to entertain such as toys with buttons, sounds, and lights. These types of toys tend to set a child up to expect to be amused and entertained leading to more passive play. 

We choose toys that don't "do" anything because we want our children to be the doers! As child development expert Magda Gerber said, "Active toys make for passive babies. Passive toys make for active babies."

In the spirit of supporting the development of the whole child we provide opportunities for gross motor exploration alongside fine motor and imaginative play to engage your child's whole body and brain.  


Founder Paige Volk, M.Ed., BCBA

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit! Please allow me to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself, and about how My Village began!

 Before I had my daughter in February of 2016 I worked as a Behavior Analyst doing ABA therapy with children and young adults on the autism spectrum. I loved the rewarding work I was doing with these very special individuals. Yet after the birth of my daughter I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I love being a stay-at-home parent and am so grateful to have the opportunity to do so. However, I discovered that despite all of the joy and fun, it is CHALLENGING! It is sometimes isolating, sometimes overwhelming, and often messy. (Anyone else have a sink full of dishes right now?) 

Along the way I became inspired to create something for other parents, like me, who could use a little extra community and support. A place to just relax and have fun, share information, trade ideas, and gain confidence in our parenting. It was an extra bonus to be able to create a business in line with our family's values of non-toxic living and media-free natural parenting. 

I don't follow any one parenting pedagogy.  I believe that our children are born as highly unique, competent individuals and I trust in their ability to be initiators and eager explorers in their own learning. I believe in the holistic nurturing of the entire child - mind, body, and spirit.

Here at My Village my goal is to offer a range of classes that support families from pregnancy through early childhood. Even more than just offering a calendar of events, I hope to build a community of support and authentic connection. Healthy, happy, connected families make for a better world. I am so excited to be able to share this with you through My Village. 

Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope to see you soon in one of our classes! 




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