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Parenting for a Peaceful Community: An Introduction to Nonviolent Parenting

  • Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 719 N Poinsettia St. Santa Ana, CA 92701


  • This is a free community event, however if you feel so moved please consider a $15 suggested donation to offset workshop costs.

Registration is closed

The peace that is so desperately needed at this time in our society begins in the home. As parents, cultivating and maintaining authentic connection with our children throughout their childhoods will support the development of emotionally healthy and self-aware children, peaceful families, and ultimately a peaceful society. However maintaining this connection through the daily demands of family life in our fast past culture can be quite a challenge. Nonviolent Parenting shows us how to keep those doors of connection open no matter what, even through the challenges of setting limits and power struggles.

In this Introductory session, participants will be exposed to key concepts that include:

  • How to set limits and boundaries with your children while creating an environment of empathy, connection, and respect within the family
  • How to support children’s growing self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Ways to assist children in and expressing their own feelings and needs verbally as well as listening to the feelings and needs of others
  • Tools that encourage children to make their own positive choices and develop solutions to problems where everyone’s needs matter
  • How to develop self-empathy and release parental guilt and shame
  • How to cultivate emotional intelligence and problem solving in our children using the latest research in brain development

"Nonviolent (as in Gandhi's approach) Communication” (NVC) is an effective  model of communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg, which is used all over the world in schools, prisons, hospitals and many other places to support relationship based work. It offers proven tools and processes to support inclusion and active participation where the needs, feelings and values of each individual matter.


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